This is a story about a soldier. It is also a story about a mother (me) and the heart-wrenching experience of living after my son died. There is so much just in those words.

All those who have lost a child too soon, or a friend in combat, will be able to relate. Grieving is not well understood in this country. It is not something that carries a time limit and suddenly you are ‘over it’ in a year or so.

My love for my son is eternal, it is part of who I am. Though his life was short, it had meaning. He inspired so many people in his 25 years. I hope our story will inspire you.

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Writing this book will be a journey of healing and moving through grief. There will be times of laughter and joy, times of sorrow and pain. The writing is transformational, bringing up the memories and the love of mother and son, hero and friend. My intention is to inspire others through my words, to bring healing to more than just me, to heal our friendships, our families, our communities and our world.